Decision Desk HQ Expands To County And Local Election Results

Decision Desk HQ Expands To County And Local Election Results


Decision Desk HQ Announces Expansion

Into County And Local Election Results


September 4, 2019 — Decision Desk HQ, a leading provider of election results and data, is pleased to announce that in addition to its current federal and statewide results coverage, it is now offering “top to bottom ticket results” to clients with the addition of state legislative, county, and city/town level election services.

“It’s a market space that has unfortunately been abandoned by other results providers but is still immensely important. In order to fully serve their audience, local outlets really need to provide this kind of information. It’s the bread and butter of what they do. Without a service providing these returns, there will be a hole in their election coverage.”-Drew McCoy, President of Decision Desk HQ.

“When we launched Decision Desk HQ our goal was to leverage new technologies to change how election results are reported to the public. We’ve done that at the federal and  statewide levels, now we’re taking the speed, accuracy, and cost efficiencies we’re known for and applying them to the most local elections. Offices like County Sheriff, County Board Member, Mayor and School Board Members often affect people more directly than the President, Senator, or Governor do. We’ve been collecting and reporting these results all along, now we’re going to be providing them to outlets on a regular basis. As someone who loves elections, that’s very exciting.” – Brandon Finnigan, Director of Elections, Decision Desk HQ.

Decision Desk HQ will begin providing down ballot results starting this November and will be offering them as part of a Whole Ballot Package to local newspapers as well as TV and radio stations. Outlets will have the option of using Decision Desk HQ’s API delivery system if they have in-house visualization resources or they can use an embed which allows them to have the highest quality visual representations and results just by copying and pasting a few lines of code into their CMS.




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