Decision Desk HQ Expanding Coverage To Include International Elections

Decision Desk HQ Expanding Coverage To Include International Elections

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Beginning With Next Week’s
UK General Election


December 5, 2019Decision Desk HQ, a leading provider of election results and data, is pleased to announce that in addition to its current US federal and statewide election coverage will be providing news and analysis of international elections. The first election to be covered will be the upcoming UK general election on December 12th.

2020 is going to be a busy and exciting election year in for US elections but there will be a number of important elections around the world as well. We will bring our experience in election results and analysis to a number of them over the course of the year. We’ll also be partnering with people and organizations that have specific country knowledge to deepen and enrich our coverage. .”-Drew McCoy, President of Decision Desk HQ.

The first international election on tap for Decision Desk HQ and it’s expanded roster of contributors is the UK General Election on Thursday, December 12th.

“We’ll be covering the UK vote on our website and livestreams using UK Press Association data and our own analysis team. It will also be our first time working with the team at They produced the most accurate model for the recent Canadian elections and have been doing analytical work on the UK elections for months in anticipation of this moment. They will be an integral part of our livestream and contribute pieces to our website ( starting today.”

 “Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of parliamentary elections around the world. We’re excited to be able to share that with the Decision Desk HQ audience in the coming year. The UK election is especially interesting because of the ramifications not just for that county but Europe and the world as a whole as it will set the course for Brexit in the coming months. The months leading up to the calling of this election were some of the most tumultuous in UK history and now we get to see the fallout in this election.– Evan Scrimshaw,


DDHQ’s UK General Election Coverage begins at 5pm eastern at and streaming on:



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