Decision Desk HQ (DDHQ) has been reporting US Election Results since 2012. DDHQ’s approach to election results collection and reporting is based on leveraging the technological changes in how people vote and how election authorities collect and report those votes. We have relationships with all 50 Secretaries of State and are in regular contact with over 1,500 county election officials. DDHQ has built out a proprietary data collection and reporting systems that has proven faster in reporting results and more accurate then the Associated Press
DDHQ works with election specialists, data scientists and electoral GIS experts to create various complementary data feeds to support newsrooms and research focused organizations.
Product 1: Election Results
  • Top Line Level Returns
  • Primary election results
  • Presidential primary delegate tracking
  • County Level Returns
  • General election results
  • All federal races, all statewide offices and ballot initatives in all 50 states (Plus presidential ballots in PR/territories)
  • Delivered by API, Webhook, Embed
  • Special election results
  • Single use and syndicated pricing available
Product 2: Precinct Data
  • Precinct results in raw format or via API
  • Demographic data overlays
  • SHP files for GIS Mapping
  • 2008 – 2020 Democratic Primaries
  • 2008 – 2020 Republican Primaries
  • 2008 – 2020 General Election
  • Delivery available now and on a rolling basis
  • Single use and subscription pricing available
Product 3: Voter file
  • National voter file updated quarterly
  • Single use and entire file sales available
  • AB/EV data available
Product 4: Data Ops
  • Development assistance with any of the DDHQ data feeds/products at an hourly basis
  • Graphical and GIS assistance with any of the DDHQ data feeds/products
  • Hourly rates and project rates available
EMAIL: [email protected] | TWITTER: @DecisionDeskHQ