Fastest Election Night Results, Best Price Guarantee, And Local Results Available Nowhere Else

Fastest Election Night Results, Best Price Guarantee, And Local Results Available Nowhere Else

Decision Desk HQ’s
“Whole Ballot” Results
The Fastest And Most Affordable Results
With Complete
Broadcast-Web-Print Compatibility

From presidential and statewide results to state legislature and local elections, Decision Desk HQ is the only results reporting service providing whole ballot coverage to broadcast, digital, and print outlets.

DDHQ Speed:
In New Hampshire, DDHQ collected the most votes the fastest and made the call for Bernie Sanders before anyone else.

On Super Tuesday, DDHQ was the fastest, especially where and when it mattered most:

Unlike other services, DDHQ isn’t dependent upon in-person vote collection which has been, and may again in November, be curtailed by Covid-19 restrictions.

You can see more comparisons here .


Lowest Price Guarantee:
Budgets are always tight, and the economic impact of Covid-19 has only made things worse. Our pricing is based on your specific needs and circumstances. On the odd occasion where our price is higher than another service’s, simply show us their proposal and we’ll beat their price by 10%.

Local Results:
Only DDHQ provides results from the presidency down to school boards and other local elections. Our Whole Ballot results concept ensures that TV and radio stations, as well as newspapers, have the local election content their audience expects to see on primary and general election nights.

No matter what type of platform, or platforms, your organization uses, DDHQ has a product for you.

For broadcasters, our API feeds are fully compatible with Bannister Lake and Ross Video products . You can see a sample here.

For web and print outlets, our results power local election coverage for the Virginian Pilot , Daily Press , and the upcoming primaries for the Baltimore Sun.

For digital only or digital platforms for broadcast and print outlets, our API feed enables you to create your own visualizations or you can use our copy and paste embed codes as seen here (these can be customized to match your site’s look).

Data Products:
While DDHQ’s election night results are unmatched, that’s not all we provide.

We provide election related data and services, such as forecasting models, absentee and early voting return tracking, and other data products to generate editorial content and traffic.

For more information about these and other services, contact Drew McCoy at [email protected]