2020 Is Set To Be An Election Unlike Any Other

2020 Is Set To Be An Election Unlike Any Other

Be Sure Your Audience Gets The Results

The Stakes And Interest
Are Higher Than Ever


Decision Desk HQ will be there on election night and beyond, providing the fastest and most up to date election results until every race is called (and that might be January in Georgia). Our system of data scraping and remote collection means that even if its impossible to collect results in-person, we’ll still be able to provide them to you and your audience.

We understand that budgets are always tight but never as much as they are now during the current recession. If another service provides you a quote lower than ours, just show us their proposal and we’ll beat it by 10%.

Our results come via API or embed depending if you want to do your own visualizations or are looking for the ease of a plug and play solution.

In addition to individual race results, we offer national embed maps for the presidency, Senate, and House.

To see how it functions, click here.


Fastest results, continuous updating until all votes are counted, and unbeaten pricing, Decision Desk HQ has everything you need to keep your audience engaged with your election editorial on election night and the days, weeks, and months that will follow.


For more information contact:

Drew McCoy

[email protected]