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DDHQ Election Forecasting

All of the Decision Desk HQ election forecast models.

Decision Desk HQ forecasting models provides the win probabilities of each candidate winning each state in the presidential election, the mean expected electoral vote total for each candidate, and the overall probability of each candidate winning the Electoral College and thus the presidency.

Additionally, the model is designed to produce accurate estimates of the probability of Republican and Democratic victories in individual House and Senate elections, as well as the aggregate number of seats expected to be won by each party in the Senate and House.

2024 General Election Forecast

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2022 Midterm Election Forecast

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2020 General Election Forecast

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2018 Midterm Election Forecast

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As a small business and independent Decision Desk for hire, we're proud to have provided election results and related data for a wide range of emerging and trusted legacy brands in international, national and local news.

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