Election Night Results Services:

For sites with their own data visualization resources, Decision Desk HQ provides results in four basic ways:

  1. With all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate up for election on November 6th, all eyes will be on which party or parties will come out on top. Decision Desk HQ enables your readers and viewers to keep up to the minute track of the battle for political control through our Congressional Control Calculator. This calculator, available as an API endpoint enabling you to create your own visualizations or as a Decision Desk HQ provided embed is powered by results calls made in each race by our team of election data analysts.

    As our analytical teams call races our Congressional Control Calculator provides the following data for each chamber:

    • A running total of seats won by party
    • Net change
    • List of seats changing party (API only)

    In addition to providing the most update information on the night’s most important content, the ongoing updates ensure that your readers/viewers will be staying with you throughout the night.


  2. API Feed (Top Line or County Results)
    Results flow directly to you allowing your data visualization and editorial teams to create unlimited presentations for use on your site.
    Results are provided to all users (including DDHQ) at the same time ensuring your outlet has the most up to date results possible.
  3. Basic Scoreboard Embed
    This service is as easy as copying and pasting your user code into your publishing platform like you would a YouTube video. Once in your post, your readers will have an incentive to stay on your page throughout the night. It’s the perfect way to marry your reporting and analysis with the most up to date results possible.
  4. County Level Embed
    For more detailed results DDHQ provides state and congressional district level maps enabling users to focus in on results to the county level. You can now present your readers with high-quality election result visualizations without the expense of hiring your own graphics team.
  5. Precinct Level Results
    On election night 2018 DDHQ will provide a level of election results never before available to outlets: precinct level returns.

Unlike county-level results, precinct-level returns are not available everywhere and will update at different rates across counties and states. DDHQ will be collecting these results from hundreds of reporting authorities and providing a seamless, single feed enabling. For the first time, outlets with their own data teams will be able to provide as close to real-time, granular results and commentary as possible.

Historical Precinct Data:

DDHQ is making available partial and complete precinct level results packages available to media outlets, all political parties/campaigns/organizations, as well as interest groups.

In addition to results, which reflect the final certified results from election officials, include shapefiles (provided by election officials or created based on geographic coordinates provided by election officials).

Decision Desk HQ is making the following packages available to interested parties:

  • 2012 and 2016 Presidential results.
  • 2012 results for 2018 battleground Senate races.
  • 2014 results for 2018 battleground Governor races.
  • 2014 and 2016 results for customer selected House races.
  • Complete set of 2012-2016 results.
  • 2018 results when they become available.

As some absentee ballots are not assignable by state law and procedure, these datasets represent approximately 95% of all votes cast in each election.