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Our Solutions

We collect day-of, absentee and early-vote results from election authorities, including several thousand in the US alone.

Results Delivery

  • We provide results for our clients' use primarily in two ways - via our API or embeddable widgets. Our Rest API enables you to pull all the results and related data directly into your system to create your own visualizations or tools.
  • Embeddable widgets are ideal, simple solutions for clients with limited graphic design resources, enabling the creation of high-quality visualizations with user-friendly features that allow your audience to get the information they're seeking in just a glance, or explore results in-depth.
  • Our team will work with you to customize the embeds and make them look as organic to your site as possible.
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Results Delivery

New and Custom Solutions

  • We got our start by being the first provider to deploy data-scraping at scale. We constantly experiment with new technologies that make election results reporting more efficient, affordable, and compelling.
  • We have developed a ChatGPT plug-in resource using DDHQ data to provide newsrooms and academics with accurate and historical summaries of past elections and previews of upcoming ones.
  • We build solutions for our clients such as Spanish-language embeddable graphics, and for one cable news client, a video wall with touch-screen technology which debuted in 2024.
New and Custom Solutions

Non-media clients

  • Our work includes helping business interests understand, in real time, the impacts of developments throughout the campaign season and on election days.
  • We offer a range of quantitative and qualitative products and can power in-house visualizations or provide ready-made internal dashboard displays.
Non-media clients

Work with us

As a small business and independent Decision Desk for hire, we're proud to have provided election results and related data for a wide range of emerging and trusted legacy brands in international, national and local news.

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